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At Techtegy, we live and breathe solving complex digital for clients worldwide. From enterprises to startups, our clients trust us to strategically evolve their digital ecosystem.

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Projects we successfully developed


  • Tagline: Inspire-Exhilarate-Connect
  • Timeline: 9 months
  • Team Size 7 members
  • Description: Driven by passion and desire Techetgy took advantage of the opportunity to translate the ethos of Soul2Summit into an engaging online experience. When we collaborated with Soul2Summit, it wasn't just about building a website. We also integrated their unique story into every aspect of the site, from the images to the code. Our web design and development services were inspired by their narrative of seeking adventure, developing skills, and sharing experiences.
soul-summit-port Software Development Company Portfolio
teamtrinity-port Software Development Company Portfolio

Team Trinity Fitness

  • Tagline: Train, Tone, Transform With Team Trinity Fit
  • Timeline: 3 months
  • Team Size 9 members
  • Description: To promote positive experiences in fitness and overall health and wellness through the CONSISTENT implementation of individual ACTIONS concerning daily habits. To help prepare the next generation to prioritize fitness and promote advancing current fitness levels through competitive and routine performance and physique enhancement-based goals.

Zenith Stallion Station

  • Tagline: A Rising Star in Mullingar's Equine Legacy
  • Timeline: 6 months
  • Team Size 10 members
  • Description: Techtegy closely listened to Zentih Stallion Station's key objective of showcasing their stallions in an engaging and visually appealing manner. Understanding their priorities, our team swiftly brainstormed innovative ideas to create a standout digital presence. By focusing on impactful aesthetics and utilizing a data-driven approach.
zenith-port Software Development Company Portfolio
promethean-port Software Development Company Portfolio

Promethean Risk Solutions

  • Tagline: A Paradigm Shift for Large Organizations
  • Timeline: 9 months
  • Team Size 7 members
  • Description: In a groundbreaking collaboration, Techtegy joined forces with Promethean Risk Solutions to develop a cutting-edge web platform that transforms profit-sharing for large organizations. With our expertise in web development, they embarked on an exciting journey to create a user-friendly and efficient platform that revolutionizes profit-sharing practices.

GR8 IRON Auction

  • Tagline: Transforming the Way You Buy and Sell Agricultural Equipment
  • Timeline: 11months
  • Team Size 5 members
  • Description: In a groundbreaking partnership, Techtegy collaborated with GR8 IRON Auctions to revolutionize the buying and selling of heavy equipment. Techtegy's exceptional web design and development services brought to life a dynamic platform that seamlessly connects buyers and sellers in the agricultural and industrial sectors. You can experience the future of heavy equipment trade with GR8 IRON.
gr8-port Software Development Company Portfolio
twisted-tail-port Software Development Company Portfolio

The Twisted Tail Steakhouse

  • Tagline: Online Delights at Your Fingertips
  • Timeline: 13 months
  • Team Size 7 members
  • Description: With Techtegy's expertise, The Twisted Tail's ecommerce store delivers seamless online ordering, bringing their exceptional flavors right to your doorstep. We created an engaging interface that puts them at the center. Using their fusion of flavor and our technology stack to took their online store to new heights making it easier for their customers to satisfy their cravings with just a few clicks.


  • Tagline: Empowering Organizations with Transformative Web Solution
  • Timeline: 7 months
  • Team Size 9 members
  • Description: Techtegy joined forces with eLEADt to revolutionize organizational leadership through an empowering web solution. The expertly crafted website effectively communicates eLEADt's mission and services. Through seamless integration of online appointment booking, we ensured convenient access for users. Techtegy's expertise brought eLEADt's vision to life.
eleadt-port Software Development Company Portfolio
spencer-port Software Development Company Portfolio

Spencer Auction Group

  • Tagline: Uniting Buyers and Sellers Globally
  • Timeline: 4 months
  • Team Size 11 members
  • Description: Techtegy collaborated with Spencer Auction Group, an esteemed auctioneer with a 30-year track record, to enhance their online presence. Our comprehensive web design, development, and branding services brought their auctions to a global audience. Introducing live online bidding, we connected sellers with interested buyers worldwide.

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