What Makes Techtegy the Best Place to Hire iOS Developer?

Techtegy’s team of skilled iOS developers has been handpicked from across the globe, bringing you the top 5% of tech talent to employ. In the past decade, we have successfully delivered iOS applications for various sectors, including healthcare, automotive, hospitality, e-commerce, and education.

From start to finish, our project managers and developers work closely with clients to understand their needs and tailor the development process. At Techtegy, we strive to deliver exceptional results, and our team of iOS experts is committed to bringing innovative ideas to life through technology.

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Must-Haves When Looking to Hire iOS App Developer

When looking to hire iOS app developers, there are a number of skills that a programmer must have. Having experience with multiple technologies makes the iOS developer more desirable. Here are the top skills our iOS developers for hire are renowned for.

  • list-item When beginning to dedicated mobile app developers for your iOS development project, you must ensure that your iOS developer is highly proficient in Swift, which is recommended by Apple for native iOS development.
  • list-item Objective-C is still widely followed worldwide and hence, your iOS developer must have a very good understanding of Objective-C and Cocoa programming.
  • list-item Apple lays a lot of emphasis on user experience and when you are looking to hire iOS programmers, you must ensure that they have a good understanding of UI/UX in iOS.
  • list-item iPhone app developers must also have an in-depth understanding of XCode and development frameworks such as SwiftUI, realm, and others.
  • list-item An experienced iOS developer must have detailed knowledge and hands-on experience with databases including SQL and NoSQL databases. These include MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL and others.
  • list-item Modern app development is made efficient through code versioning tools and that is why, your developer must have detailed knowledge of them. Experience with SVN, Git and other tools is a must.

Experienced iOS App Developers for
Hire – Build & Launch iOS Apps Easily

Techtegy’s experienced iOS app developers understand what it takes to build user-oriented and profitable iOS applications. Our iOS app developers for hire are proficient in developing multiple types of apps which are listed below.


Custom iPhone App Development

Our iOS app developers cater for all kinds of custom iPhone app development requirements. Our iOS app experts use the most suitable frameworks and programming languages to build incredibly efficient, fast and robust mobile applications.


Native iPhone App Development

When you hire iOS native app developer from Techtegy that utilizes modern methods to build native iOS applications with all the required features and functionalities. Our iPhone app development team looks after everything from brainstorming to app launch.


Hybrid iPhone App Development

If you have plans on launching your application on multiple platforms but prefer to start with an iOS application, we will build you an amazing hybrid iPhone app. This way, you will be able to publish your app on multiple app stores and reach wider audiences on Android, iOS and Windows.


iPhone App UI/UX Designing

Our iPhone app UI/UX designing services encompass all that is necessary to build a seamless, aesthetically sound and easy-to-navigate mobile application. We create pixel-perfect designs for your iOS app that are easy on the eyes and can be conveniently translated into an iOS app.


Apple Watch App Development

When you hire iPhone developers from Techtegy for a wearable iOS app development project, you get access to the best talent there is. Our iWatch app developers have experience in developing amazing wearable apps with great connectivity and incredible features.


Apple TV App Development

Our iOS app developers for hire also have the expertise to build great applications for smart TVs as well. Having developed various apps for Apple TV, we know how to build perfect and seamless apps that run on the big screen seamlessly and deliver a premium experience.


iOS App Migration & Upgrades

Our iOS app migration and upgradation services ensure that your app remains compatible and up to date with the latest iOS platform and devices. Our team of iOS app developers follows a structured approach to identify any compatibility issues, create a migration plan, and execute it seamlessly.


iPhone Support & Maintenance

Our iPhone support and maintenance services keep your iPhone app running smoothly and efficiently. Our team of certified iOS programmers for hire has years of experience working with iOS devices and can diagnose and fix a wide range of issues – ensuring unmatched experience.


iPhone App Testing

Techtegy’s iPhone app testing services ensure that your app is functioning as intended and is user-friendly. Our QA team performs a thorough analysis of your app after development to identify any bugs or issues, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of performance and functionality.

Why Hire an iOS Developer from Techtegy?

There are numerous benefits of hiring an iOS app developer – and when you choose to hire one from Techtegy, you get multiple added advantages. Other than an experienced iOS development team and dedicated iOS developers working on your project, here is what you get more.


Committed to Helping You Succeed Digitally

At Techtegy, we understand that mobile apps are essential for attracting better business opportunities and increasing conversion rates. Our track record in developing incredible iOS applications has led to business success for our clients. Partner with us, and we'll help you achieve your business goals.


Ensuring Clarity & Effectiveness

Our team of project managers, expert iOS developers for hire, and business analysts are always available to keep you informed about the progress of your iOS application development project. Our process is designed to make sure you are always in the know and aware of the progress.


Enabling Ease of Work & Service Excellence

We take pride in doing things unconventionally and we are renowned for it in the domain of mobile app development. Our effective processes have passed the test of time and they deliver unmatched results, ensuring that our clients get functional mobile apps that far surpass the client expectations.


Recognized & Rewarded for Our Work

Our iOS development team comprises experts with exceptional experience and expertise in iOS app development. Our proven track record speaks for itself, demonstrating our dedication to excellence in everything we do and our iOS app developers for hire are always ready to accept new challenges.


Assisting You to Climb the Ladder of Success

At Techtegy, we specialize in building fully bespoke, quick, and incredible iOS mobile apps that are not only ideal for the end users but also ensure lasting success for the app owners. Our iOS programmers for hire enable our clients to take the lead by making apps profitable.


Leveraging Technology to Unlock Next Levels

When you hire iOS developer from Techtegy, we Ensure that you get reliable and high-performing applications that address the business challenges faced by enterprises, SMBs, and startups. We equip our clients’ apps with all the necessary features and functionalities to make them future-proof.


Reshaping B2B & B2C Collaboration

Techtegy provides tech solutions for individuals and businesses of any size, ranging from startups to mid-level enterprises to Fortune 500 organizations. Our commitment to excellence and experience with technology places us in the top row. Our iOS app developers for hire enable us to deliver better with each new project.

Our Technology Stacks

We have built our expertise over time, and today, we provide exceptional iOS app development services to our clients worldwide. We closely focus on assisting them in developing amazing iOS applications for their audience using the iOS ecosystem features.

Whether you are looking to hire an iOS developer dedicatedly or find an app development company, Techtegy can assist you with both – enabling you to unlock the next level. See our technology stacks below for iOS app development.


What We Have Achieved

Techtegy has established a reputation in the app and web development industry as a prominent player. We have successfully completed and delivered digital solutions to clients worldwide, offering feature-rich, responsive, and resilient solutions.


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Customer Satisfaction

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Recognitions and Partnerships

The recognitions we've received over the years from our clients and other credible digital platforms speak volumes of what we've done over the years to satisfy customers worldwide. See below what we've achieved and the clients Techtegy's worked with.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Techtegy, we specialize in developing cutting-edge iOS applications that help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from clients who are looking to hire iOS app developer.

Hiring an iOS app developer requires careful consideration of experience, skills, and expertise. At Techtegy, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced iOS developers for hire who are dedicated to creating top-quality iOS apps that meet our client's unique business needs. To hire iOS developers, you can get in touch with us, and we'll share profiles of our best iOS developers, from which you can choose the ones most suited for your unique project needs or you can provide us with the project details to get it delivered completely by our experts.

When you hire from Techtegy, you get the guarantee that your project will be completed by skilled iOS developers with years of experience with the latest technologies. We follow industry best practices to build easy and amazing iOS mobile apps. Our iOS programmers work closely with clients to deliver personalized services and guidance throughout the project, making sure that nothing gets out of hand.

At Techtegy, our dedicated iOS developers for hire are always ready to accept new and amazing projects. You can dedicate them to your project full-time, or a few hours as per the need. Our dedicated iOS developers work solely on your project, ensuring that they provide you with the best possible service and expertise. If you want to hire iOS developers for your project, please get in touch with us for more information.

The cost of hiring an iOS developer can vary based on factors like project complexity, timeline, and scope as well as the technology stack. Techtegy provides competitive pricing for its iOS development services and collaborates with clients to create customized pricing plans that fit their specific project requirements and budget. The cost of projects can range from $10,000 to over $100,000, and interested individuals can reach out to Techtegy to receive a personalized quote for their iOS development project.

At Techtegy, we offer all our iOS app development clients a complimentary 1-month support and maintenance package. We understand that application maintenance and updates are vital for the app’s success, which is why we provide regular updates and maintenance services to ensure your application remains in working condition. Moreover, we have flexible support and maintenance plans tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. For further information on maintenance and support plans customized to your iOS app, kindly reach out to us today to receive your personalized quote.

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