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Software product development has become more than a commodity today primarily due to heightened customer expectations and cut-throat competition. To foster innovation, ensure optimized controls, and automate certain manual processes within an organization, businesses need to consider outsourcing their software development to a credible software product development services provider.

Techtegy’s experience and expertise in the software product development service domain leave the competition in the dust. Bridging the gap between businesses and technologies and using data-driven strategies to build software solutions has played a critical role in enabling us to stand as one of the top software development outsourcing companies in the market

Our Portfolio

Call us growth enablers, success drivers, brand builders, or whatever you want; the fact remains that we’re on top of the mountain for a reason, and that reason is our relentless pursuit of precision and excellence when it comes to building and delivering digital properties for businesses.

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Why Consider Techtegy For Software Development?

Our software development with other services is considered a growth enabler. We accelerate your product development, minimize the duration required to build complex digital products by rigorously implementing agile methodologies, ensure that your software solutions are designed to withstand the test of time, and above all, we operate as an extension of your brand, providing you with an unmatched third-party software development experience.

Recognized as the best software development company for startups and for well-entrenched brands, we tend to invest in building talented teams for different products and allocate objective-specific talent to each individual project ensuring rapid product development, effective support, high-end architecture, and UI/UX amid many other integral aspects to drive growth to your business.

Quality Deliverables

Techtegy delivers on the promise of quality, and our internal teams are trained to provide high-quality software development with services to our clients. The quest to deliver the perfect digital product continues until your projects match your preference or vision.

Rapid Development

Agile practitioners at Techtegy are some of the most skilled professionals that optimize different aspects of your product lifecycle to reduce the time and cost involved in developing custom software development solutions while increasing the probability of delivering your software products before the deadline.

Advanced Technology Stack

Teams at Techtegy are well-versed in iterating and experimenting with various technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and more. This gives us the capability of delivering software product development services based on myriad systems and technologies. The capabilities also include product maintenance.

Optimal Transparency

Getting transparency while outsourcing to a software development company is your right, and realizing this, we aim to provide our clients with a clear picture regarding the status of their products, technologies utilized, software product development phase, designing progress, and testing to maintain healthy and long-lasting business relationships with our clients.

Vetted Workforce

Techtegy workforce is composed of top talent, people who speak the language of digital products and software. The software development team of Techtegy is skilled in combining various technologies, and programming languages, i.e., C++ and Ruby on Rails, with SDKs, databases, frameworks, and APIs to design custom functionalities and experiences for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Experience-First Approach

We feel confident while showcasing our portfolio, which consists of successfully delivered digital products and the recognition and acknowledgments that we’ve received over the years from our clients. From multi-million-dollar brands to home-based startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve worked with them all and delivered quality and client-centric software development solutions with services.

Credible Software Development Solutions for Startups & Enterprises

Our software product development service sync’s-in with the objectives, goals, and vision of our clients. Our team harnesses the power of sheer collectivism to build high-end software solutions for startups and enterprises that abide by the requirements set forth

Doesn’t matter how sophisticated the software or product is or how entrenched the problem is that our clients are determined to solve through outsourcing software development; we ensure satisfaction and deliverance by the end of every project

credb Software Development Services

Startups tend to aim to solve challenges and problems, and this is exactly where our vision aligns with startups. As an innovative software development firm in the USA, we provide startups with the necessary capabilities they require to transform their idea into digital products or services

Regardless of the complexity involved in developing the digital product or software, our outsourcing software development ensures the completion of the project in a highly efficient and advanced way. Our commitment doesn’t end once the product or solution has been developed as we take startups to the next level by providing unparalleled support throughout the product lifecycle and after launch ensuring growth and sustainability in any way possible.

  • list-item Software Development Services Consultancy and complete transparency in software development service
  • list-item custom software development companyWorld-class talent working on your startup’s projects ensures value for money and the project’s commercial success
  • list-item Software Development ServicesGet insights into modern business strategies successfully implemented by well-established brands
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Techtegy has a flair for working with entrenched brands that have stood the test of time through innovation. With software development outsourcing to Techtegy’s efficient team, enterprises can ensure another innovation. We aim to find the gaps or challenges that enterprises can resolve, whether internally or for their target market. At Techtegy, a well-articulated, structured, and data-driven approach is designed for enterprise-grade clients. This data-driven approach results in the creation of performance-driven digital products that enable organizations to pivot to a new level. In addition, our software product development services are designed to fit every client’s specific requirements. In a nutshell, here’s what the few initial stages of meetings include for enterprises:

  • list-item custom software development company Our project managers kick off the product or software’s development by understanding the company’s objective
  • list-item Software Development Services The objective is translated into a strategic product development plan that includes all the imperatives discussed in the first few meetings
  • list-item custom software development company The plan includes cost, project’s development timeline, technology and process breakdown, and other imperative items that enterprises are generally concerned about
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Custom Software Development Services for Myriad Industries

Techtegy has helped businesses belonging to different industries cross the chasm and evolve into multi-million-dollar companies – whether an organization is B2B or B2C, our internal operations are primed to align with the organization’s internal ops to ensure high-end collaboration, speedy software development service, and result-oriented approach

Moreover, the dedication, skillset, and data-driven and thoroughly tested developmental aspects that Techtegy brings to the table play an integral role in backing businesses up with the latest and technically advanced capabilities that industries need to stay ahead of the curve

Other Software Development Solutions Techtegy’s Offer

Software/Product Development

At our core, we’re an end-to-end outsourcing software development company that builds data-driven digital solutions for businesses. Our software product development team expertise lies in myriad domains, and our primary differentiator is that we’re data-driven. Before the start of any project, we have a research process in which we comprehensively research, ideate, incubate, and validate our client’s idea.

Before directly getting onto your software development outsourcing, we aim to educate our client on the technologies (fintech, IoT, etc.) that will be integrated into their product, provide insights into market trends, competitors, and more and allocate the best people in the team (software designers, UI/UX specialists, project managers) on their projects. Free cost estimation is also provided to the client along with a personalized and strategic action plan that entails information regarding our approach toward building their software or other digital assets.

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Staff Augmentation

Strengthening your internal team by providing them with external resources is what we do when it comes to staff augmentation. We give you the advantage of scaling up and down your team size without paying the extra cost or investing time in hiring the right professionals for the job. Our professionals are equipped with up-to-date knowledge, high-end expertise, and years of experience.

In addition, our team consists of IT engineers, product designers, project managers, programmers, quality assurance specialists, and other integral individuals that have the ability to ensure your software’s success. Also, while working with Techtegy’s team, your team gets to learn about in-demand skills and talents they must acquire to stay competitive, strategically manage tasks and initiatives, think innovatively to reduce effort while maximizing productivity, and more

  • list-item custom software development companyReduced Cost With Techtegy’s staff augmentation, you can reduce costs by eliminating payroll, operating expenses, overhead charges, and the time invested in recruitment.
  • list-item Software Development ServicesScalability You get the option to scale up or down depending on your current project requirements or workload. This doesn’t come at an additional cost. Therefore, you always have peace of mind while working with Techtegy.
  • list-item custom software development companyDevelopment speed-up Rev up your product development process by achieving milestones faster with Techtegy’s team of expert software developers
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Recognitions and Partnerships

The recognitions we've received over the years from our clients and other credible digital platforms speak volumes of what we've done over the years to satisfy customers worldwide. See below what we've achieved and the clients Techtegy's worked with.


Ratings & Reviews

We believe quality work speaks for itself. Here are some success stories that we've been a part of.

FAQ on Software Development

Techtegy’s an end-to-end software and product development service that provides 100+ highly talented IT professionals, designers, developers, programmers, DevOps, and QA engineers. Our team takes full responsibility for delivering high-end software development solutions.

Aside from software development, we’re also an app, web, and other digital assets development company that codes, deploys, and supports all digital assets exceptionally well.

The average timeline/duration of product/software development heavily relies on the complexity of the project, features that need to be integrated, and other imperative aspects that are integral to your product’s development.

An MVP (minimum viable product) can be developed within 1 – 6 months, depending on the project’s size. However, the functionality breakdown and time duration required to develop the project can be discussed in detail with Techtegy’s project managers. Once you get in touch and communicate your imperatives, our managers will find a way to meet your needs.

The cost of your software or digital product development is from $30k to $1M depending on the size, complexity, and scope of the project. Some digital assets tend to have more features and multi-platform support (web, app, desktop) – Some have different types of development (custom, low-code platform based) – all of these add up to give you a final number that’ll be the cost of your project.

However, to get more insights, you can always get in touch with Techtegy’s team and discover the exact software product development service cost.

Once your project goes live, we turn on our observation, analysis, and revision mode to ensure that your product runs smoothly. In the fewest possible words, here’s how things progress when you’re in the post-launch phase:

  • Our team analyzes feedback and understands the behavior of the users, and resolves issues as soon as they’re identified.
  • Techtegy’s team starts working on configuration changes that come in the form of updates to your software or other digital products.
  • Upon agreement, Techtegy’s team offers continuous support and maintenance as well as L1-L3 support. This ensures your product’s high-end performance and enables you to focus on other integral aspects of your business.

Once we ideate and scope your project, we will decide the developmental methodology that we will follow to develop your software. For small to mid-size projects, we clearly define the requirements, project scope, timeline, and other integral aspects. For big corporations or government projects that generally require formal approvals, we opt for Waterfall. Other than these, we can also leverage Agile, Lean, Kaban, or Scrum, depending on the project’s requirements.

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